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आरत्या हा सुद्धा मराठी साहित्याचा महत्वाचा पण दुर्लक्षित प्रकार आहे . 

संत रामदास ,संत एकनाथ यांनी रचलेल्या आरत्या महत्वाच्या व लोकप्रिय आहेत . श्री धनंजय चितळे हे संत

साहित्याचे तरुण पिढीतील गाढे अभ्यासक आहेत. ते आपल्या रसाळ शैलीत ह्या साहित्यप्रकाराची महती विशद

करतात . 

हे प्रवचन श्री लक्ष्मीनारायण संस्थेच्या पालगड जिल्हा रत्नागिरी येथील ऋषी पंचमीच्या वार्षिक कार्यक्रमात

झाले .


Arti is devotional song of God sung with clapping of hands after performing pooja. Shri

Dhananjay Chitale speaks on literary value of "arti'- Part 1



Tilaknagar Ganeshotsav Mandal-Vasantotsav 2013-Shri LaxmiNarayan Sanstha was a co sponsor

Beautiful backdrop

Madhav and

Shri Ravindra



Interview of Dr.Ravi Bapat taken by Shri Sudheer

Gadgil on 22nd April

2012 is now available on VIDEO page of this website


and on youtube account joshimj1





ganpati-with Tilak nagar sarvajanik Ganeshotsva mandal -3 days program


Thet Bhet



association with Tilak

Nagar Sarvajanik



Thet Bhet Lekhakashi

Sandeep Vaslekar 23 rd

Sept 2012

Chandrashekhar Tilak

24th Sept 2012

Achut Godbole

26th September 2012

programme on 20th September


Lecture by Shri Dhannajay

Chitale,Chiplun on Shri Ganesh


Venue Ganesh



Shri Ganapati Athavashirsha -speech by Shri.Dhananjay Chitale.


Part 1& 2

श्री धनंजय चितळे हे संत साहित्याचे तरुण पिढीतील गाढे अभ्यासक

आहेत. ते आपल्या रसाळ शैलीत  श्री गणपती  अथर्वशीर्ष महती विशद

करतात .

हे प्रवचन श्री लक्ष्मीनारायण संस्थेच्या पालगड जिल्हा रत्नागिरी येथील

ऋषी पंचमीच्या २०१२च्या   वार्षिक कार्यक्रमात झाले .



Laxmi Narayan Trustees



Shri.Madhav Jagannath Joshi                        




Sau.Surekha Madhav Joshi                                          




Shri.Ameya Madhav Joshi                                           






Smt.Kamal Jagannath Joshi  (TILL 30th May 2013)                                     


Shri.Vinayak Raghunath Joshi                                


Shri.Sriram Raghunath Joshi                                   


Sau. Shubha Sriram Joshi   



 26th August 2012 drawing competition at Dombivli with

Tilaknagar sarvajanik ganeshotsav  mandal and Rotary Club

Dombivli city.


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Pustak Handi/Book Handi by Shabri Seva Samiti

Shabri Seva Samiti with the financial

help of Shri Laxminarayan

Sanstha conducted book-handi

at 9 places in tribal areas of Thane

and Raigad districts in Maharashtra

in which students formed 2 layers to

break 'Handi' (pot) which included

chits on which names of various books

were written.School children picked up

these chits which entitled each holder

the book mentioned on the chit. More

than 1000 books were distributed.

Children can exchange the books

to start library of their own.

Maharashtra Times gave good coverage.






October 2001 as a public

charitable trust.

Its activities in last ten plus years have been :

a)helping needy students by paying outstanding fees.

b) providing assistance in meeting medical expenses.

c) promoting culture and social welfare by organising

programmes by itself

( Late V C Paranjape Centenary Celebration in Thane on

25th September

2011 ,Interview of dr Ravi Bapat by Sudhir Gadgil in

Dombivli on 22nd April  2012 )or by assisting other

organisations like Chaturang

Pratisthan,Anvat,Bharat Vikas Parishad,Vivekanand Seva

Pratisthan,Dilasa,Tilak Nagar Sarvajanik Ganeshotsva

Mandal, in that.

d) promoting literature by providing assistance to Param

Mitra Prakashan for

English biography of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and to

Vyas creations for

biography of late Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

e) promoting environment protection efforts by holding

drawing competition

for students and awards for teachers. Mrs Surekha Joshi

has been giving 

lectures in housing complexes and at other places for


housewives,students .

f) Gave award of Rs.21000 to women authors/journalists in

memory of Late

Shanta Paranjape .( Awardees being Mrs Shubhada

Chaukar then sub editor of

Loksatta and educationist,Shobha Bhagwat-Kodolikar-

director of Nehru

Muktangan Pune,Sunila Sohoni-social worker and feature


( g) providing assistance to old aged persons to sustain.

(h) helped cause of adivasi upliftment and development

through Shabri Seva Samiti and Udan .


(i) provided a mobile x-ray machine for village Palgad.


(j) donation of Rs.25001 to drought relief activities of

Ganesh Mandir,Dombivli.

(k) one cultural or educational programme every year at

Palgad at the time of Ganapati.